Chairman’s Report-2014

Western Australian Lions Drug Education Foundation-

Fellow Conventioneers
Visibility- Western Australia Lions Drug Education Foundation, aka WALDEF, has been involved in the community by promoting awareness of alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse by developing prevention activities within local communities. We have given presentations at several club meetings this past year, and we encourage your club to invite us along to a meeting. We are in your Lions directory.
Participation- By participating in National campaigns in line with the aims of the Australian Lions Drug Awareness Foundation in the form of donations to ALDAF, who sponsor the “Tune in not Out” program, aka TINO, which is an award-winning web-based program designed for young people and developed by young people. Our donation to ALDAF made it possible for the TINO website location to be prominently displayed by google.
Projects- WALDEF has been very busy in our 2013/2014 year as we have campaigned for our “Dear Me” documentary not only throughout WA but, with permissions granted, Australia wide.
We have been featured in the West Lion and the International Lions Magazine, out of the US.
SUPPORT NEEDED- We have received support from our local clubs, as well as, clubs outside of WA. A big, “Thank YOU” to those clubs who have sent donations. We have approx. $30K to go.
The production company is finished with the first draft of the documentary. Our producers, while preparing to shoot at the Kerobokan prison as soon as they have permissions again, will still be using young Australian talent to conduct the interview with Andrew and they will edit these in when they have been able to obtain this footage.
Promotional- We have ordered, received, and distributed new wristbands and our brochures to the clubs in our district via the zone chairman and mail outs which had a sampling of brochures that can be ordered for any events. We used both at the Ballajura Harmony Day and the wristbands were very well received.
On a very sad note, we lost one of our dedicated directors, Ros Davis, Ros served on the WALDEF foundation several years and will be missed. We also want to thank our retiring directors Sue and Allan. Sue was first to bring “Dear Me” the documentary to the WALDEF table and it has been a fantastic and worthwhile project to undertake.
Near Future-We will continue to focus on the documentary and will announce to the clubs when we will be in their area to present the documentary screening. We are looking, once again, into a logo change, one that will be more recognizable for our foundation. We will continue to promote our foundation by attending conventions and doing presentations at club requests. We will be funding convention bags , distributing brochures and information, providing tidy bags and lanyards. We will continue to strive to make a difference.

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